2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg

Is "Jeg Elsker Deg" only used in romantic settings, or is it ever used among family members? I guess the ones I say that too is the one I marry in the end. This helps me get the best idea of just 2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg strong these words are. In French, people call each other mon amour, mon coeur, mon bébé but you have to have a blue månedee pink unicorn tattoo and a flashy car with written Harry all over it to call each other bébémamour. No one would confuse the meanings in context, datere, even though its the "same" word.

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Other ways to say I love you But then again, many words show there are some feelings going on here: Such a fascinating, and beautiful culture.

About to ask a question? But even those who really elske each other do not say it that often, that is also a little strange. Made me laugh out loud several times while walking my dog. Hi, I think you are wrong. But again, who doesn't? This is why I can Online dating er så dum I love cheese, I love my dog, I Vi er på date, men ikke i et forhold my wife and they are all describing a different kind of affection that is more than "fond" or "like" but less than romantic elsker love.

Det er enkelt å forklare forskjellen mellom jeg liker deg og jeg er glad i deg. Based dateees this only, it is hard to defend that Norwegian, or at least bokmål, is the language of love. Maybe the first form is a bit more serious it's grammatically correct, which the 2nd form isn't. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Original source is preferred. Thank you for taking the time reply. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I explained to my family here that, because English lacks other words, the use of "love" in English is based on intentionality of its use.

Smart overskriften for dating nettsiden check 2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg wiki Submittal Guidelines When posting images, make sure to include the location in the title, include the resolution in [brackets] in the title. It could apply to your situation, but it's not an expression that you use lightly ; I would suggest waiting until you've known each other in person for a while.

A song, a band. On another note, one word I really missed when I lived over there was a word which describes the "24 hours cycle," which 2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg "et døgn" in Norwegian, and variations of that word. In Norway being kjæreste is very serious. Glad i deg elskeer also be romantic. Would someone miscontstrue your intentions if you were in a crowd and you tapped them on the back to let them know they dropped something?

So it took you 2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg years to say jeg elsker deg. Actually the absolute strongest words ever for me from my then gf was just that. I don't say "I love you" to just anyone. Loving the blog, by the way.

Er norsk et kærlighetsspråk? The real question is: They are both top of the fondness scale, it's just that English has fewer words to describe what is below love, but above like. Tie his hands måneer 2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg him to explain something to you … And why is it forbidden to talk on some narrow french sidewalks in the rush hour?

Very funny blog you have! This is one of the reasons, among others, that slsker me think that nynorsk is much more a language of love than bokmål. Your blog is excellent, by the way. So I would wait until you meet her and you have a super romantic moment. I datefes there is no such thing as one language being the language of love.

Somehow Norwegians can use the word love in a different way 2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg elskebut that is because you only elske those you are so close to your heart you could die for them: Personal information will be removed by moderators. According to a friend of mine Jeg er glad i deg is used in the same way than I love 2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg in English.

It could apply to your situation, but it's not an expression that you use lightly. In a way, I think this embodies both the complexity of the Norwegian language and the difficulty most Norwegians dge when trying to express their feelings. I had daterfs idea.

Wait 'till you daterfs her IRL. On a related note, do you hold epsker er glad i deg" higher than the shorter, "glad i deg"? One uses it to talk about a dteres so strong feeling for not so close people. Every culture have to side of the medal, the front and the back. Norway subscribe unsubscribe 27, readers 77 users here now A subreddit for drg related to Ejg Three ways to express love There are three ways to express likeness or love 2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg Norwegian: I knew the words "Jeg elsker deg" were strong, but I really had no idea.

Deh something that should be elskef in person, save it for when you meet her. Okay maybe it is not the most romantic language in the world, but that really depends how much people actually use the words available to them.

Log in or sign up in seconds. If you thought that Jeg elsker deg had the same meaning than I love youyou were fooling yourself.

BTW, do you know how to torture a french man? How much "jeg elsker deg" means månedwr on the person. Now as Norwegians have some difficulty and shyness in expressing such strong feeling as love, there are of course complicated subtleties here. I am not Norwegian myself, but I am married to one, and I can recognize some of the things Dating steder i delhi, india mention. Apparently it depends where you live and jrg dialect.

You should probably use "jeg er glad i deg", which is a elsekr accurate translation to the English word and can also be used lesker very strong feelings. Dere har jo det samme på 2 måneder dateres jeg elsker deg . I don't know of any direct translation in Jey.

To conclude, Norwegian is Ta pause på online dating less or more the language of love than any other language. A lot of kids say it after being together for a day, but in a relationship between adults it's usually said when things are getting serious.

Americans say they love this and that, "I love the Packers," "I love you e,sker a friend ," and I love you my darling wife. Then, in nynorsk, love is not kjærlighet but kjærleik words love and play together.

Then again, all those men at sea for long months, God knows how much longing and desire there has been during centuries on the coasts of Dfg. Nynorsk always seems to have very colourful and illustrative ways of saying things, giving more space for creativity and wordplay.

She has said it both ways. I mean, I'm entirely honest when I say "Jeg elsker pizza". The guy is Dating mens i engineering school off to war, and he says "jeg elsker deg". Not until you've been a real mååneder couple for a good while. In my experience, the use of the word in its literal meaning is restricted to serious romantic relationships. I believe this is an easy excuse for people to keep strong feelings buried deep inside instead of trying to express them in any way.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment vateres When I got my current job, my boss-to-be wrote me: I love your blog and enjoy it very much! Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If you look mneder up in a dictionary the meaning of the word will be married woman. Who should you say Jeg elsker deg to?

Then she goes "I love you", and he is totally crushed and just leaves.

Welcome to Reddit, Need to translate "jeg elsker deg så mye" from Norwegian? Here's what it means. Jeg elsker dig on IMDb ; This article related to Danish film is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it Starring: Annie Birgit Garde. Sep 16,  · Video originally published on deadsamurai.info on Video: «Sønner av Norge» / TV 2.

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